Collision 2024 - Toronto

Today, the City of Toronto announced it will welcome the Collision Technology Conference back to Toronto in 2024.

The City first partnered with Destination Toronto and Exhibition Place to bring Collision – North America’s fastest-growing technology conference – to Toronto in 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the conference was cancelled in 2020 and held virtually in 2021 before returning in person in 2022.

Starting Monday, June 26, the city will begin to welcome more than 40,000 innovators, tech professionals and visitors from around the world for the 2023 edition of Collision. The conference will be Canada’s most significant technology conference to date and feature more than 700 speakers, 2,000 start-ups, 1,250 journalists, 950 investors and 100 unicorn companies from 140 countries. Over 120 trade delegations will participate in Collision to explore business opportunities with an international audience.

Hosting Collision boosts Toronto’s efforts to attract foreign direct investment, promotes international trade and partnerships, spotlights the Toronto region’s extraordinary technology talent and firms, and strengthens Toronto, Ontario and Canada’s innovation ecosystems.

Collision brings together the people, start-ups, companies, and ideas powering and transforming the global technology industry. Collision is part of a series of technology conferences that include Web Summit in Europe and Rio de Janeiro.

The 2022 Collision conference in Toronto attracted 35,000 attendees and generated $43 million in direct spending and $68 million in economic impact, including $1.7 million in municipal tax revenue, $5.7 million in provincial tax revenue and $4.3 million in federal tax revenue. With thousands more delegates expected in both 2023 and 2024, the impact of hosting this event in Toronto is expected to be even greater.

The Toronto region is home to the largest tech sector in Canada and the third-largest in North America. Its continued growth is supported by 300,000 skilled technology workers and more than 500,000 employees supporting occupations such as sales, administration, business operations, finance and marketing.

More information is available on the Collision website (opens in new window).


“I’m delighted that the City of Toronto will be welcoming back Collision, North America’s fastest-growing technology conference, for a fourth year in 2024. Hosting Collision allows us to highlight Toronto’s growing technology and innovation sector and its deep pool of diverse tech professionals to thousands of firms, investors and innovators from across the world. Thank you to our partners, including Destination Toronto and Exhibition Place, who worked with the City to bring this sought-after conference to Toronto for another year.”
– Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park)

“I am so pleased that we will again welcome the Collision Conference to Toronto in 2024. This event puts our city on the global stage, showcasing our thriving technology community to industry leaders and major investors. It also significantly boosts our local economy: the 2022 conference generated $43 million in direct spending and $68 million in economic impact. I’m certain that this year’s conference, running from June 26 to 29, will be even more impactful for Toronto and the surrounding region.”
– Councillor Shelley Carroll (Don Valley North), Chair of the Economic and Community Development Committee

“Collision puts the spotlight on Toronto as the fastest-growing tech centre in North America. The city cultivates a distinctive mix of culture, education, diversity and talent for technology and innovation sectors to thrive. Hosting major events and conferences in Toronto, like Collision, delivers significant economic impact to our local economy and contributes to its vibrancy and appeal to residents and visitors. We look forward to welcoming start-ups, investors, governments, organizations and visitors from around the world to Toronto.”
– Scott Beck, President & CEO, Destination Toronto

“Ontario continues to strengthen its position as a global powerhouse in technology and innovation. We are thrilled that the Collision Conference will be hosted in Toronto in 2024, giving us a key opportunity to promote our world-class technology sector and show global technology companies everything Ontario has to offer.”
– Hon. Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, Government of Ontario

“As Exhibition Place gears up to host Collision 2023 from June 26 to 29, we are thrilled to be working with the Government of Ontario, City of Toronto, and Destination Toronto to bring this sought-after tech conference back to the city in 2024. Exhibition Place is frequently at the centre of the city’s largest events that drive economic impact and showcase the best of our region. Hosting major conferences like Collision, which brings together 40,000 delegates, is what Exhibition Place does best. We look forward to welcoming this event to our site once more as it infuses our local economy with a surge of activity benefiting a diverse range of sectors — from hospitality and tourism to retail and transportation.”
– Don Boye, CEO, Exhibition Place

“We are delighted to be returning to Toronto in 2024. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic uncertainties in the tech industry, Collision has continued flourishing in this city. We are grateful for the support from Destination Toronto and the City of Toronto as we aim to make Collision even more globally impactful and shine a spotlight on the remarkable Canadian and Toronto tech ecosystem on our global stage.”
– Paddy Cosgrave, Founder and CEO, Collision